Cover of Compilation 11: Unsolved, by Advention Music LIbrary

Listen to music samples from UNSOLVED, Advention Music’s eleventh compilation of trailer music cues.

Action, Noir, Suspense, Mystery, Epic, Orchestral Trailer music



Misterioso Allegro

Sample from Misterioso Allegro, Advention Music’s tenth compilation of trailer music cues.

Adventurous, magical, energetic, mysterious and wondrous epic cues with strings, big brass, drums, percussion, hits, choir and female vocals.

Grand Entrances

Samples from Grand Entrances, Advention Music’s ninth compilation of trailer music cues.

Great Wide Open – Samples

From Advention Music Library’s eighth compilation: Great Wide Open, featuring grand opening trailer cues, Advention presents:

Great Wide Open – Dramatic Romantic and Dramatic Wondrous music samples.

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Rescue the World – Heroic Drama (sample)

Rescue the World

Rescue the World: Heroic Action (sample)

Rescue the World - action adventure