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Dark Openings

ADVN 0007 Dark Openings Album Cover

Samples from Dark Openings, Advention Music’s seventh compilation of cues. Unique, dark, intense orchestral and vocal FX soundscapes that leave you unsettled, unnerved, and downright spooked.

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A tropical motif featuring green monstera leaves, palm leaves, pink hibiscus and yellow plumeria flowers framing a gold metallic title. that reads Scene Stealers and the words Quirky Interesting and Eclectic
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Scene Stealers

Scene Stealers! Music that steals the scene. This collection has a wide variety of styles – quirky, playful, and whimsical all the way to serious

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Adventurous Percussion Vol 2: Dark Action Drums

Dark, action, exciting, energetic, bombastic drums and percussion. Perfect for editing, all have lots of stops, hits, SFX, and synth bass.  Alt mixes have synth